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End prospecting and big budget marketing by repositioning yourself as a Real Estate Wealth Advisor.  

By educating your clients on the wealth growth opportunities that real estate offers, you will immediately differentiate yourself from the pool of agents and add more value to clients' lives.

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these realtors boosted their business after becoming real estate wealth advisors!

"After seeing Mark’s Wealth Academy presentation I decided to team up with him to do a client event. We had 25 clients attend using the WA strategy, the response was amazing, we created 8 new client appointments to discuss investing in real estate and have at least 4 that will do so including one that wants to sell and exchange two condos for units!"

"[Mark's] webinar took him from planning to buy a condo for himself after the divorce to to buying a duple/triple as he is hoping to retire in 2-3 years. Also I am sending the "why renting is a disaster" video for his 2 adult daughters who currently rent. He will reach out to you when he is ready."

~ Mary Landucci, Real Estate Wealth Advisor

"It’s so freaking easy! I’ve always said that! No marketing money spent! So, with [my client's] friend's purchase the total will be $2 million in new transactions plus another person who thinks they can buy and change their future. I don’t know why more agents don’t just focus 100% of their business on the wealth strategy, that’s what I do."

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find out how these realtors & brokers 10x'd their incomes by becoming real estate wealth advisors.

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Meet Mark Prather!

  • Founder: Mark 1 Real Estate Wealth Academy
  • ​Author of three books: Why the Rich Stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor, How Heaven Works, Wisdom for Your Daily Life
  • OC Register 2016 Most Innovative Business Leader finalist
  • ​​Industry leader since 1977
  • ​​Interviewed by: KABCTV, ABC, KCAL9, KRLA, The Wall Street Journal, Realtor Magazine,, National Notary, Press Telegram, Inman News, MBA Newslink
  • 65% of Americans have either a 401K or IRA account to save for retirement.
  • ​​80% of Americans will run out of money within five years of retirement.
  • ​The number of people that are able to retire has been declining for decades!

Watch this poker chip demonstration and find out why real estate beats stocks!

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Disclaimer: The wealth-building formula and strategies taught, while deemed to be reliable, are in no way a guarantee of your financial success. Before making any investment decision, it is highly recommended that you get a second opinion from an investment expert. A Real Estate Wealth Advisor and/or a financial expert like a CPA or Financial Planner is recommended.